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No Siree - the story behind the lyrics

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

It’s a real life song, singing about all the worries that people (artists) have to face – rejection, criticism, the sense of fear and failure. What if people don’t like my music?

The opening line, “Put my hand on my heart, looked up to the stars” is about keeping the faith, staying true to yourself, and doing your best to be resilient, fight the voices in your head (and in real life) that cast doubt and could make you withdraw from your passion.

“You won’t get me, no Siree” is the moment of realisation when we see people loving our music and what we’re doing! We’re bringing fun and tapping into people’s brains and emotions, giving them that adrenaline infused music-shiver that makes them want to take action. It could be anything, dance, run, share the track. The best feeling!

The second source of inspiration, the bi-lingual element, came from the emergence and growth of bi-lingual tracks, thinking ‘yeh that’s cool’, enabling global enjoyment and ability to relate and unite. Spanish felt more on brand than say (German), and given it’s one of the most spoken languages, and its super sexy, it felt like a good choice. (I’m sure there will be an avalanche of critiques about to pull apart my pronunciation) but hey, if I’d worried about that we wouldn’t have ever made it here. Moral of the story. Lol

“They told me I was dreaming, said stop believing, my head hit the ground and I got that feeling”… “signed with (Universal) take a look at me now” The evidence that self-belief, drive and determination can come off, in this case a record deal. Don’t get me wrong, we have been lucky to have an army of amazing humans behind us to get us here too.

“No You Won’t” power - chant chorus, rocked up and angry, psyched up and excited, it’s kind of a bit of an ‘I told you so’ moment in the song. The middle figure to all the doubters that made us try and give up. (but we are still humble to be here and living the music-life we dreamed of)

But hey music is so subjective, not everyone will love what you do, but if you bring joy to some, that’s better than none, and what a brilliant ride!

So, I just want this to inspire and give confidence to anyone who has self-doubt or hesitations about perusing something they love. What’s the worst that can happen? When you get to the end, you never regret what you did, it was what you didn’t do.

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